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What Oat Milk Does Starbucks Use and Why It’s so Special?

Starbucks uses the Oatly brand for its oat milk option. Starbucks offers a variety of non-dairy milk alternatives, and one popular choice is oat milk.


For those who prefer plant-based milk or have dietary restrictions, oat milk provides a creamy and rich texture that complements coffee and other beverages. Starbucks specifically uses the Oatly brand for its oat milk option. Oatly is a well-known and widely recognized brand in the dairy-free industry, known for its smooth consistency and slight sweetness.


This partnership allows Starbucks customers to enjoy the popular oat milk trend without compromising on taste or quality. Whether you prefer it in your morning latte or afternoon iced coffee, Starbucks’ use of Oatly oat milk ensures you’ll have a delicious and satisfying non-dairy option to enjoy.


Understanding Starbucks’ Selection

When it comes to catering to the needs and preferences of their diverse and discerning customer base, Starbucks leaves no stone unturned. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing a wide range of dairy-free alternatives, Starbucks has introduced oat milk to their menu. Fans of this creamy and plant-based milk will be delighted to know that Starbucks exclusively uses a high-quality oat milk brand that satisfies their strict criteria. Let’s delve further and uncover the details surrounding Starbucks’ selection process for oat milk.

What Oat Milk Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks oat milk brand elevates their menu offerings by partnering with the renowned brand, Oatly. Oatly, a Swedish oat milk producer, has gained considerable popularity for its high-quality and sustainable products. Starbucks has recognized the superiority of Oatly’s oat milk, making it the exclusive brand used across their stores worldwide. This collaboration ensures that customers can enjoy the same consistent quality and creamy texture in their oat milk beverages, no matter which Starbucks location they frequent.

Criteria For Choosing Their Oat Milk Brand

Starbucks has a meticulous selection process when it comes to choosing their oat milk brand. It’s essential that any oat milk aligns with Starbucks’ commitment to quality, taste, and sustainability. In this regard, Oatly has ticked all the right boxes. Not only does Oatly oat milk deliver an exceptional taste experience, but it also meets Starbucks’ high standards for quality and consistency. Sustainability is a key consideration for both Starbucks and Oatly, making them ideal partners in their shared commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Nutrition And Sustainability Considerations

Understanding the importance of nutrition and sustainability, Starbucks has made conscious choices to ensure their oat milk offering meets these criteria. Oatly oat milk is a wholesome and nutritious option, providing customers with a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, Oatly prioritizes sustainability by using responsibly sourced and traceable oats, minimizing water usage, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout their production process. By selecting Oatly oat milk, Starbucks is providing customers with a guilt-free and environmentally friendly choice.

What Oat Milk Does Starbucks Use and Why It's so Special?


Credit: www.foodandwine.com


The Oat Milk Starbucks Uses

As the popularity of oat milk continues to rise, Starbucks has embraced this dairy-free alternative and added it to their menus worldwide. Starbucks understands the increasing demand for plant-based milk options, and oat milk has become a popular choice among customers for its creamy texture and subtle sweetness. In this article, we will explore the oat milk brand currently used by Starbucks, delve into the partnership details with the oat milk supplier, and compare Starbucks’ own Barista Edition Oatly to regular Oatly oat milk.

Current Oat Milk Brand In Use

Starbucks has chosen to partner with the well-known oat milk brand, Oatly. Oatly is a Swedish company that specializes in the production of oat-based products, particularly oat milk. Their oat milk is made from gluten-free oats and is free from artificial flavors and preservatives. The choice to use Oatly as the preferred oat milk brand at Starbucks showcases Starbucks’ dedication to offering high-quality and reputable plant-based options to their customers.

Partnership Details With Oat Milk Supplier

The partnership between Starbucks and Oatly goes beyond a simple supplier relationship. Starbucks and Oatly work closely together to ensure that the oat milk used in Starbucks stores meets their specific standards and requirements. This partnership involves regular communication and collaboration to maintain the quality and consistency of the oat milk provided to Starbucks locations worldwide.

Starbucks Barista Edition Oatly Vs Regular Oatly

Starbucks not only uses Oatly oat milk but has also introduced their own exclusive Barista Edition Oatly. This version of Oatly is specifically formulated for use in coffee shops, ensuring it blends seamlessly with Starbucks’ espresso beverages. The Barista Edition Oatly has a slightly different composition and is optimized for frothing and steaming, providing baristas with the perfect consistency for crafting lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based drinks.

In comparison, regular Oatly oat milk can still be enjoyed in Starbucks stores, but the Barista Edition is the recommended choice for those who prefer the most authentic Starbucks experience with their oat milk coffee. Both options are oat-based, offering a rich and creamy texture that complements the bold flavors of Starbucks’ coffee.

Behind The Choice

Starbucks has always been at the forefront of catering to its diverse customer base by offering a wide range of milk alternatives. Keeping up with the latest market trends and the growing demand for plant-based options, Starbucks made the decision to introduce oat milk to their menu. But what oat milk does Starbucks use? Let’s explore the story behind their choice and why it has been embraced by the coffee world.

Why Does The Coffee World Love Oat Milk?

Oat milk has gained immense popularity in the coffee industry for several compelling reasons. Its smooth and creamy texture, combined with a subtle oat flavor, complements a variety of coffee beverages without overpowering the taste. Additionally, oat milk foams remarkably well, making it an ideal option for those seeking frothy cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos. Moreover, oat milk’s natural sweetness eliminates the need for excessive sugar, appealing to health-conscious customers.

Reasons For Starbucks’ Particular Oat Milk Selection

When it comes to choosing a specific oat milk brand, Starbucks carefully evaluates different factors to ensure the best possible experience for their customers. One crucial consideration is whether the oat milk is gluten-free. With an increasing number of individuals embracing gluten-free diets due to allergies or personal preferences, Starbucks aims to provide inclusive options. Therefore, they choose oat milk that is certified gluten-free, offering individuals with dietary restrictions peace of mind.

Another aspect that Starbucks pays close attention to is the nutritional value of the oat milk they choose. They select oat milk varieties that are formulated to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring a wholesome beverage that meets their customers’ nutritional needs. This aligns with Starbucks’ commitment to offering wholesome and quality ingredients across their menu.

Customer demand and market trends play a significant role in Starbucks’ decision-making process. By actively listening to their customers’ preferences and adapting to emerging trends, Starbucks stays at the forefront of the coffee industry. The widespread demand for oat milk prompted them to explore this alternative, as an increasing number of individuals seek non-dairy options.

Additionally, Starbucks places importance on the cost-effectiveness of the oat milk they select. Choosing a brand that strikes a balance between quality and affordability ensures that customers can enjoy their favorite oat milk beverages without breaking the bank.

Comparing Different Types of Oat Milk
  Starbucks Oat Milk Other Brands
Gluten-Free Yes Variety of options
Nutritional Value Rich in vitamins and minerals May vary
Customer Demand Driven by customer preferences Varies by brand
Cost Affordable and cost-effective Varies by brand

In conclusion, Starbucks’ choice of oat milk is carefully curated to provide their customers with an exceptional plant-based alternative that meets their preferences, dietary needs, and budget. By utilizing gluten-free and nutrient-rich oat milk options driven by customer demand, Starbucks continues to satisfy the ever-growing demand for oat milk at their stores.

Menu Integration

Starbucks has always been known to provide a wide range of delicious and innovative beverages to cater to the diverse preferences of its customers. Now, the coffee giant has taken a step further by integrating oat milk into its menu, offering a plant-based milk alternative that is both creamy and sustainable. Let’s explore how oat milk is featured in Starbucks drinks and the customization options available for consumers.

How Oat Milk Is Featured In Starbucks Drinks

Oat milk has gained popularity among those seeking dairy-free alternatives due to its smooth texture and subtle flavor. At Starbucks, this delightful milk alternative is incorporated into various beverages, providing customers with a creamy and delicious experience. Here are some of the Starbucks drinks that feature oat milk:

  1. Latte: The classic combination of espresso and steamed oat milk creates a velvety and well-balanced drink that coffee enthusiasts can’t resist. The rich flavors of the espresso seamlessly blend with the creamy oat milk, making the latte a perfect companion for any time of the day.
  2. Cappuccino: With its equal parts of espresso, steamed oat milk, and indulgent foam, the oat milk cappuccino brings together the perfect harmony of flavors and textures. Each sip is a delightful experience, with the creamy oat milk enhancing the natural sweetness of the espresso.
  3. Mocha: For those with a sweet tooth, the oat milk mocha is a heavenly treat. The combination of rich chocolate, espresso, and steamed oat milk creates a decadent and indulgent beverage. The creamy oat milk complements the robust flavors of the mocha, resulting in a delightful balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Customization Options For Consumers

Starbucks understands that each customer has unique preferences and dietary requirements. That’s why they offer a range of customization options to ensure that every drink can be tailored to individual tastes. Here are some ways you can customize your Starbucks oat milk beverage:

  • Sweetness level: Whether you prefer your drink to be extra sweet or less sugary, Starbucks allows you to adjust the sweetness level of your oat milk beverage. Simply let the barista know your preference, and they will tailor it according to your liking.
  • Additional flavors: If you want to add an extra twist to your drink, Starbucks offers a variety of syrups and sauces that you can incorporate. From vanilla to caramel, these flavor options allow you to personalize your oat milk beverage to suit your cravings.
  • Toppings and garnishes: To elevate the visual and sensory experience of your drink, Starbucks provides a selection of toppings and garnishes. Whether it’s whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or a sprinkle of cinnamon, these additions can enhance the overall enjoyment of your oat milk beverage.

Oat Milk Versus Other Milks


Starbucks uses oat milk as an alternative to other kinds of milk, catering to customers with dietary preferences or restrictions. Oat milk offers a creamy texture and a slightly sweet taste that makes it a popular choice for coffee beverages.


So, if you’re looking for a non-dairy option at Starbucks, give oat milk a try!

Comparison With Dairy And Other Plant-based Milks

When it comes to alternative milk options, oat milk has been gaining significant popularity, especially at Starbucks. A favorite among coffee enthusiasts, oat milk offers a creamy and slightly sweet taste that complements a variety of beverages. But how does oat milk compare to other types of milk? Let’s explore the key differences.

Impact On Taste And Texture In Popular Beverages

One of the reasons oat milk has become a popular choice at Starbucks is its ability to enhance the taste and texture of their beverages. Whether you’re enjoying a heartwarming latte or a refreshing iced coffee, oat milk adds a distinctive creaminess that pairs perfectly with the flavors of Starbucks drinks. Oat milk also impresses with its neutral taste, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a milder dairy alternative. Unlike some plant-based milks which can have a strong flavor that may overpower the coffee, oat milk offers a balanced and smooth profile that allows the coffee’s natural flavors to shine through. Additionally, oat milk’s texture plays a crucial role in creating a delightful drinking experience. Its creamy consistency results in a velvety froth when steamed, making it an excellent choice for cappuccinos and lattes. The foaminess of oat milk adds a luxurious layer to your favorite Starbucks beverages without compromising on taste or quality.

  Dairy Milk Other Plant-Based Milks Oat Milk
Gluten-Free No Varies Yes
Taste Distinct, creamy Varies, from nutty to earthy Neutral, slightly sweet
Texture Creamy Varies, from thin to thick Creamy, frothable

In conclusion, oat milk stands out as a reliable alternative to dairy and other plant-based milks at Starbucks. Its gluten-free nature, neutral taste, and creamy texture make it an excellent choice for coffee lovers seeking a high-quality milk substitute. So, the next time you visit Starbucks, give oat milk a try and experience the delightful difference in taste and texture it brings to your favorite beverages.

Nutritional Breakdown


Starbucks uses oat milk from the brand Oatly in their drinks. Oat milk is a plant-based alternative that offers a creamy texture and is rich in nutrients like calcium and fiber. It’s a popular choice for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer a non-dairy option.

Health Benefits Of Starbucks Oat Milk In Beverages

Oat milk has gained immense popularity in recent years as a dairy-free alternative for milk lovers. Starbucks, being a global coffee giant, has also embraced this trend by introducing oat milk as one of their non-dairy choices. In this section, let’s take a closer look at the nutritional breakdown of Starbucks oat milk, its health benefits, and how it fits into your diet.

Caloric And Sugar Content Analysis

When it comes to choosing a milk alternative, caloric and sugar content often play a crucial role in decision-making. Let’s delve into the details of Starbucks oat milk and see how it stacks up nutritionally. Compared to other milk options at Starbucks, such as dairy milk, soy milk, and almond milk, oat milk generally contains fewer calories. A standard serving size of oat milk at Starbucks is approximately 8 fluid ounces, equivalent to 240 milliliters. Within this serving, you can expect around 120-130 calories, making it a reasonably low-calorie option for your beverages. In terms of sugar content, Starbucks oat milk is also relatively low compared to other milk alternatives. The sugar content can vary slightly depending on the brand of oat milk used. Still, Starbucks generally opts for unsweetened oat milk, which contains no added sugars. This makes it an ideal choice for those watching their sugar intake or following a low-sugar diet. Moreover, Starbucks oat milk is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet. It is essential to note that cross-contamination may occur during the manufacturing process, so individuals with severe gluten allergies should exercise caution.


In conclusion, Starbucks oat milk offers a nutritious and flavorful option for coffee and tea enthusiasts seeking a dairy-free alternative. With its lower calorie and sugar content, as well as being gluten-free, oat milk caters to a wide range of dietary preferences. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking to switch up your milk choice, Starbucks oat milk stands out as an excellent option. So, the next time you visit Starbucks and wonder, “What kind of oatmilk does Starbucks use?” rest assured that their choice typically favors an unsweetened oat milk option. Enjoy your favorite beverage guilt-free with the nutritional benefits and delicious taste of Starbucks oat milk.

Environmental Impact Considerations

Starbucks, a global powerhouse in the coffee industry, is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. As part of its ongoing efforts, Starbucks has recently introduced oat milk to its menu. In this section, we will explore the sustainability initiatives undertaken by Starbucks and the ecological footprint of oat milk production.

Starbucks’ Sustainability Efforts With Oat Milk Usage

Starbucks is well aware of the significant environmental implications of dairy milk production, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water consumption. To counteract these issues, the coffee giant has been actively searching for alternative milk options. Oat milk, with its lower carbon footprint and minimal land and water requirements, emerged as a viable solution.

By incorporating oat milk in its menu, Starbucks aims to reduce its overall environmental impact. The company’s decision to feature oat milk demonstrates its dedication to offering sustainable choices to its customers. Starbucks understands the crucial role it plays in shaping consumption patterns and its ability to drive positive change.

The Ecological Footprint Of Oat Milk Production

Oat milk production has gained popularity due to its relatively lower environmental impact compared to other non-dairy milk varieties. The process begins with soaking oats in water, blending, and straining to create a creamy, plant-based milk alternative. This straightforward production method requires fewer resources, making it more sustainable.

Compared to conventional dairy milk production, oat milk production produces considerably lower greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, oat cultivation requires less land compared to other crops used in plant-based milk production, such as almonds. Since oats are water-efficient crops, less water is needed throughout their growth cycle, ensuring minimal strain on water resources.

Furthermore, oat milk production does not contribute to deforestation, a widespread concern with other milk alternatives like soy. Oats are typically grown in existing agricultural areas, reducing the need for further land clearance.

In conclusion, Starbucks’ adoption of oat milk showcases its dedication to sustainability and reducing its ecological footprint. By offering oat milk as a plant-based alternative, Starbucks is not only providing customers with more choices but also contributing to a more sustainable future. With its lower greenhouse gas emissions, water efficiency, and minimal land requirements, oat milk represents a positive step towards minimizing environmental impact.

Customer Reception And Trends


Starbucks’ choice of oat milk for its beverages is still a mystery. The brand has not officially disclosed which brand of oat milk it uses, but sources indicate that it may be using an in-house brand or collaborating with a specific oat milk producer to meet customer reception and trends.

Consumer Feedback On Oat Milk In Starbucks Drinks

The introduction of oat milk in Starbucks has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Since its launch, oat milk has become a highly sought-after alternative to dairy and other non-dairy milk options. Customers have praised the rich and creamy texture of oat milk, which enhances the flavor of Starbucks drinks without overpowering the unique characteristics of each beverage.

One of the key reasons oat milk has garnered such positive reception is its ability to blend seamlessly with the flavors of Starbucks drinks. Whether it’s a classic espresso-based beverage like a latte or a refreshing iced coffee, oat milk enhances the overall experience by adding a velvety smoothness that pairs well with the robust flavors of Starbucks’ carefully crafted drinks. This versatile milk alternative also complements the flavors of various syrups and sauces, allowing customers to customize their drinks to their preferred taste.

The customer feedback on oat milk in Starbucks drinks has highlighted the unique creaminess that oat milk brings, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a plant-based milk option that does not compromise on taste or texture. Its smooth consistency provides a satisfying mouthfeel, enhancing the overall enjoyment of every sip.

Trends In Oat Milk Popularity And Sales Data

The rising popularity of oat milk can be seen both in Starbucks and the larger market. Oat milk has emerged as one of the fastest-growing non-dairy milk alternatives, surpassing the sales of almond milk and soy milk in recent years. This trend can be attributed to several factors.

Increasing awareness of oat milk’s health benefits: Oat milk is known for its high fiber content, which can promote healthy digestion and help maintain blood sugar levels. It is also often fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritious choice for those seeking to incorporate more plant-based options into their diet.

Preference for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option: Oat milk is often considered more sustainable compared to other milk alternatives. The production of oat milk requires fewer resources and generates lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to dairy milk. This aligns with the values of environmentally conscious consumers, contributing to oat milk’s growing popularity.

Demand for a neutral flavor profile: Oat milk possesses a mild, neutral taste that doesn’t overpower the flavors of drinks it is added to. Unlike other milk alternatives, oat milk doesn’t add a distinct flavor to beverages, making it a versatile and widely appealing choice for Starbucks customers.

The upward trend in oat milk’s popularity is expected to continue as more consumers embrace plant-based options and seek out sustainable choices without compromising on taste and quality. Starbucks’ decision to incorporate oat milk into their menu reflects their commitment to meeting customer demands and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Future Of Oat Milk At Starbucks

Oat milk has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially among individuals seeking plant-based alternatives to dairy products. As one of the largest coffeehouse chains globally, Starbucks has recognized the growing demand for oat milk and has started incorporating it into their menus. However, the future of oat milk at Starbucks holds even more exciting possibilities. Let’s delve into what potential new oat milk products we can expect at Starbucks and explore the latest industry trends and consumer preferences.

Potential New Oat Milk Products

Starbucks is known for its wide variety of beverage options, and it’s no surprise that they are continuously exploring new oat milk products to meet customer preferences. Some potential new oat milk products that Starbucks may introduce in the future include:

  1. Oat milk-based Frappuccinos: Imagine indulging in a creamy, oat milk-based Frappuccino that offers a delightful blend of flavors and textures. Starbucks might launch new Frappuccino flavors specifically curated for oat milk enthusiasts.
  2. Oat milk-infused lattes: Lattes are one of Starbucks’ flagship drinks, and with oat milk gaining popularity, it’s only a matter of time before we see oat milk-infused lattes on the menu. These lattes will offer a smooth and velvety texture, perfectly complementing the rich espresso.
  3. Oat milk-based seasonal beverages: Starbucks is known for its seasonal offerings, and incorporating oat milk into these limited-edition beverages can provide an elevated experience. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice oat milk latte or a peppermint mocha with oat milk, Starbucks has the potential to create exciting new seasonal offerings.

Insights On Industry Trends And Consumer Preferences

Understanding industry trends and consumer preferences is crucial for Starbucks to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some key insights that Starbucks can use to shape their future oat milk offerings:

  • Rising demand for plant-based options: As the demand for plant-based alternatives continues to rise, offering oat milk as a standard alternative to dairy can attract and retain a diverse customer base.
  • Focus on sustainability: Consumers nowadays are increasingly concerned about sustainability. Starbucks can enhance their eco-friendly image by sourcing oat milk from sustainable suppliers and promoting responsible farming practices.
  • Customization options: Providing customization options, such as the ability to choose between different milk alternatives, allows Starbucks patrons to personalize their beverages. Offering oat milk alongside other alternatives demonstrates Starbucks’ commitment to catering to individual preferences.
  • Health-conscious choices: Oat milk is known for its health benefits, including being low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Capitalizing on this aspect by promoting oat milk as a healthy choice aligns with the growing trend of health-conscious consumers.

The future of oat milk at Starbucks holds exciting possibilities as the coffeehouse chain continues to innovate and cater to evolving consumer preferences. With potential new oat milk products and a deep understanding of industry trends, Starbucks is poised to meet the demands of oat milk enthusiasts far and wide.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Oat Milk Does Starbucks Use


What Brand Of Oat Milk Does Starbucks Use?


Starbucks uses “Oatly” as the brand of oat milk for their delicious beverages.


Can You Buy Starbucks Oat Milk?


Yes, you can buy oat milk at Starbucks.


What Is The Best Oat Milk Like Starbucks?


The best oat milk at Starbucks is their Oatly brand. It’s a popular choice with a creamy texture and great taste.


What Is The Difference Between Barista Style Oat Milk And Regular Oat Milk?


Barista style oat milk is specifically designed for making professional coffee drinks, with a richer texture and creamier consistency. Regular oat milk is a general option for everyday use without specific barista requirements. Barista style oat milk enhances the taste and appearance of coffee beverages.




Starbucks uses Oatly oat milk as their dairy alternative in their beverages. This plant-based option offers a creamy and velvety texture that is delicious and satisfying. Whether you prefer it in your coffee or as a dairy substitute in other Starbucks drinks, Oatly oat milk is a great choice.


So, the next time you visit Starbucks, don’t hesitate to try their oat milk options and enjoy a delightful, plant-based treat.

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